Complete Biomass Briquette Machine

The raw material crusher and hammer mill

The following two types of crushers are fitted to make sawdust for downstream machinery. Our staff can help you choose a proper crusher according to the type and size of your raw material.

biomass briquette briquette machine   briquette
FSJI Wood Crusher FSJII Hammer Mill   Briquette Bars

Screw Conveyor

In the biomass briquetting plant, GEMCO’s wood crusher/pulverizer is suitable for preparing sawdust or biomass grains for the briquette press and dryer. It can crush raw wood of sizes less than 200 mm in diameter into sizes of 3-5 mm in diameter.

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Screw Conveyor     Briquette Bars

Dryer for the Briquette Press

In the biomass briquette plant, when wet raw material is input into the hopper of the dryer, the hot air stove (boiler) generates hot air, which then mixes with wet sawdust and is then expelled into the pipes by the exhaust blower (fan). The raw material flows though the curved pipes of the drying chamber, thus wet sawdust is dried, and the dried sawdust is discharged from the outlet via an air lock..

biomass briquette briquette machine   Husk Charcoal Burning Position
Dryer for lower moisture Twin Boiler Dryer   Enkindled Briquette Bars

Biomass Briquette Machine

Biomass briquetting is a process in which biomass is compressed under high pressures and high temperatures. As the briquetting machine operates, heat alters the lignin within the plant material which then solidify to convert biomass into briquette form. Lignin serves as the natural glue in the biomass briquetting process, thus binding and compressing the biomass to form high density briquettes via the briquette press.

biomass briquette briquette machine   wood briquette
ZBJI Biomass Briquette ZBJII Briquette Machine   Wood Briquettes


Thermal Shrink Wrapping Machine for Briquettes

In the briquetting plant, the thermal shrink wrapping machine is used to simplify the storage and transport of wood briquettes. GEMCO’s wood briquette packing machine utilizes an infrared quartz pipe to heat the packing material—PE film. It efficiently saves electric power. The contraction temperature and transmission speed are adjustable. This machine uses PE contracting pellicle to pack the wood briquettes. The briquettes must be fed by hand into the packing machine, upon which the packing-material is heated and contracted to enclose the briquettes.

biomass briquette briquette machine   Husk Charcoal Burning Position
Thermal Shrink Wrapping Machine Briquettes   Enkindled Briquettes


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